Thaw Rechargeable Heated Stadium Seat with Storage Flap

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Don't let the cold sideline your enthusiasm! THAW’s Rechargeable Heated Stadium Seat was designed to be the perfect companion to combat those cold, uncomfortable bleachers with an innovative design and game-changing features. Powered with a 10000mAh power bank, the seat has 3 heat modes reaching up to 136°F (58°C) and a max run time of 16 hours so you’ll be able to dial in your comfort level and adapt to changing environments without having to take a break from the cold or miss a big play. Crafted with a full 2-inches of high-density foam you’ll have the right amount of padding and insulation to keep you comfortable well into the 4th quarter or even overtime. Your back will thank you for choosing the sturdy steel frame with the added backrest. Storage and transportation are easy thanks to a padded handle, shoulder strap, and the lightweight, space-saving design. The integrated storage flap offers convenient storage space for all your gear, snacks and drinks. Make any seat a great seat no matter the season.

Width (in.) 14.50
Length (in.) 17.72
Height (in.) 4.3
Warranty 14 Days
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