Refresh Your Car - Fogger, New Car Scent 3 oz

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Refresh Your Car! auto air-fresheners are an affordable and easy-to-use solution for freshening up the interior and ventilation system of your car, truck, or van. Enjoy the very first drive in your car a second time with the scent of New Car – it refreshes your beloved car's interior with the aroma of rich leather and the unmistakable musk of a new ride. A masculine yet fresh and clean scent suitable for any vehicle. Utilizing Refresh Your Car! proprietary formulas, the Active Odor Elimination fogger works quickly to fully eliminate unwanted odors at the source. Cased in an aesthetic housing, the aerosol style formula effectively battles even the toughest odor from the cabin and ventilation system of any vehicle. The only things that should linger in your car are memories. No pets or people should be in direct contact with the fogger while it is activated. When the aerosol can is empty, air out your vehicle and enjoy the New Car scent.

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