Battery Tender 12V, 1.25 Amp 6V/12V Selectable Float Charger

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- STAY CHARGED: The 1.25 amp, 12 volt battery charger provides a full charge to your powersports battery before automatically switching to float mode to maintain proper voltage levels without overcharging the battery
- HIGH POWERED: Contains 50% more charging power than the Battery Tender Junior to supply a much quicker charge to your motorcycle, ATV, UTV, personal watercraft, or scooter to maintain peak performance
- EASY TO USE: A low maintenance design that's quick and easy to use, our universal power sports 12 volt battery charger is lightweight and compact allowing it to operate everywhere, even in small storage spaces. Sparkproof - Battery Tender checks for a correct connection befo
- EXTENDED BATTERY LIFE: Compatible with lead-acid, flooded, and sealed maintenance free batteries (AGM and gel cell) and ideal for use in long term storage to provide and maintain an optimal Connect It And Forget It: Once connected, the Battery Tender Charger manages your battery’s health on it’s own
- SAFE AND SECURE: Our selectable 12 volt battery charger and maintainer is spark-proof during lead connection and automatically detects reverse polarity to ensure a proper connection before providing power.

Weight (lb.) 1.850000
Width (in.) 11.26
Length (in.) 9.49
Height (in.) 4.49
Warranty 14 Days
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