Battery Tender 6Volt/12 Volt 4A Selectable Charger

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- STAY CHARGED: The 4 amp car battery charger automotive provides a full charge to your machine's battery before automatically switching to float mode to maintain proper voltage levels for your battery without overcharging
- FULLY SELECTABLE: With the push of a button, easily switch from AGM or flooded and lithium ion (LiFePO4) batteries to provide and maintain an optimal charge level for 6 and 12 volt batteries alike
- HIGH POWERED: 4 amp switchable car battery charger automotive delivers a powerful charge to keep your car, SUV, pickup truck, or boat battery at peak performance by providing reliable engine starts and extended battery life
- EASY TO USE: A low maintenance design that's quick and simple to use, our switchable automobile charger and maintainer is compact and lightweight to operate everywhere, even in small storage spaces
- SAFE AND SECURE: Our car battery charger automotive and maintainer is spark-proof during lead connection and automatically detects reverse polarity to ensure a correct, locked-in connection before providing power.

Weight (lb.) 2.520000
Width (in.) 6.9
Length (in.) 3.33
Height (in.) 1.91
Warranty 14 Days
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